Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Young Hollywood Awards in it's creation for May

I have been planning events Luaus since 1999. I have performing since I was 3. I traveled all my life and i have performed over a few thousand shows that I don't really know the accurate numbers. I have met many Celebrities and people. I have seen many events that are not for the normal person. My life is an adventure and I would not trade 1% of it to be normal.

I will start this year and eventually write all of my past stories.

My friend Koji from Japon Bistro in pasadena called me. I recently developed his restaurant's new website with an elaborate catering menu options to offer to customers. So Koji calls me about a new contract that he wants me to help him plan for his customer. He wanted me to provide the Lounge Rentals for this event. He told me that it was for the "Young Hollywood Awards" Since I don't read many magazines or watch too much T.V. I didn't know who they were.

So I quoted them my price and they accepted my offer. Koji went on many meetings with them but this time he requested that I go to this meeting in Los Angeles. So I did. I discover that they hired a "Hollywood Party Planner" . Kinda funny to see why certain industry people would put money into "foofy" planners, In my opinion are just as good as other planners without the "foofy" name or reputation. I kinda learned that Hollywood has it's clicky vendors but that's ok with me.
So I listened to their ideas but they had no vision at the moment...It wasn't my role to design the event so I remained quiet and pretended that I am an employee with Japon Bistro and nothing more.

So it was interesting to here how another company would create a solution for a customer. Normally, it only takes one day to come up with a design. If you are really good. You can create design on the spot but that only comes with experience but it took them over 7 days.

I will leave it like that. lol...

So Koji planned a test tasting for the company. I listened to their concerns and what they want and it was a simple solution. In a nut shell. Small appetizers, more cut sushi rolls, and more cooked food. Voila a solution.

I will write more about this story as it progresses. The actual event is in May. The funny thing about our meeting with Young Hollywood Life. I literally had my developers create an on the spot design with images and menu that they wanted in less than 2 hours.

I was not in front of the computer to design this...I told my developers on what to do and they got the job done. They were so impressed. How many event planners can write up a design and create a small site presentation in less than two hours?


Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's start with the beginning of GroupBlasts.com

The idea started when I first met Tom Andersen from Myspace.com . I remember how he used to complain about Friendster. All of us originally started from Friendster and then people would spam "join myspace.com" So I joined myspace.com and I thought was the coolest thing ever for people.

For awhile I did add many new friends not realizing that I would be making good connections, friends, and acquaintances. I was member 17960.

Months have passed by and one of my friends posted a "Myspace party" at barfly. I was like....How cool is that. Let's check it out. So I go to Barfly's in Los Angeles and I meet Gary Sato, Eric "Ballistic", Tom Andersen, and many people from my friends list.

It was the weirdest thing to see...To meet all these people in person. I knew them only by their nicknames. I had fun meeting people I never really knew but only faces from my friends list.

Since I was not shy. I met everyone. Got to talk to Tom and learned that he is a nice guy. I had many ideas for myspace.com but I didn't want to share my ideas for free. So I threw in some ideas and he flew with it and claimed them as his own. No big deal.

Years later, my Special Events business www.socalevents.com flourished and I was busy planning 100's of major events a year. I learned a lot about internet marketing, planning great events, met celebrities and high profile customers, and enjoyed a little acting.

Almost 10 years later and here I am. I formed www.groupblasts.com It will not officially launch till May but we have to have some Temporary site for people to log in and join before the actual launch date.

My girlfriend at the time decided to learn dreamweaver at the Torrance Adult Class. One of the instructors built a website for me many years ago. So I remembered him. Back in the days, I solely depended on 100% internet marketing to book luau shows for my family's side business www.manea.net . I hired many developers to launch over 30 + websites to market shows for my family. My concept worked and still works today. So I see my old developer and I asked if he could help my girlfriend with a website to sell outdoor cat enclosures to protect cats from Coyotes and Rattlesnakes. He agreed to work and develop her a site. www.mypetenclosures.com . While he was building my gfriend's site, he mentioned that he was working on a few projects and has an investor that supporting these projects. I listened to his ideas and I responded. I have this idea that I know will work and will eventually become one of the 10 websites in the world.

It was www.groupblasts.com I explained that there are over 10 different revenue streams and it will continue grow as technology evolves. He loved the idea and introduced me to 2 investors. Both love the idea and decided to fund the new project.

I would love to share the concept but I can disclose my ideas just yet but all I can say.....GroupBlasts.com will plan over 3000 events a month.

I recruited some really good team members to make dream into a reality.

I will share more later.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Story about Planning Events and Luaus

I will post more stories shortly but I have to setup my social network site that I'm creating www.groupblasts.com that will launch in May. I will be writing my stories about beginning complete story about my social website, the events, and people that I stumble upon.